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UNILAG Engineers Learning Together

With 7 departments, over 3500 students and and various fields of study, Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos has distinct itself as a citadel of knowledge and an incubator for the future engineers that will reshape history of inventions. One of the most important things we can do for students is not just teach them specific knowledge and skills, but help them match their interests to their career path.

Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers

University Of Lagos Chemical Engineering student society was founded to help establish a sense of belonging for the students.We are the Society that cater for the needs of the Chemical Engineers at University Of Lagos.The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Lagos aim is to produce graduates with relevant knowledge and skills to operate and to develop the private sector and the public service, to initiate and carry out engineering designs, to engage in industrial management and to pursue research and development activities. The society play an active role by bringing industrial representatives to numerous functions over the year for the benefits of the members. We have produced most of the best graduating student over the past few years and we are not only academically strong but also heavy socializers. We unify the chemical engineering student community by organizing social events like the (HOD Games, Deans Cup, Barbecue Night, Games Day,Freshers orientation e.t.c), building a sense of community and camaraderie amongst fellow students.

President: Omoloja Kehinde
Email: unilagnsche@gmail.com

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is an international body serving managers, engineers and other oil industry professionals. SPE University of Lagos Chapter is one of the numerous student chapters of SPE. We act as a bridge between the industry and the students, leveraging SPE’s vast resources to prepare and equip our budding engineers for a future in the oil and gas industry. While we are the departmental society for Petroleum and Gas Engineering, we also welcome participation and membership outside the department.
President: Adeyemo Adeola
Email: theunilagspe@gmail.com

Nigerian Institute of Civil Engineers Students' Affiliate

President: Fasina Ayomide
Email: nicesaunilag@gmail.com

The Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in 1964, as one of the three pioneering departments of the faculty of Engineering of the University of Lagos. The Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (SEES) is the student body of the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering. Since the establishment of the society, SEES maintains a close relationship with her members while striving to ensure that every member’s interest is protected. SEES has over 500 members with students from Year 1 to Year 5.
President: Bakare Ayodeji
Email: theseesunilag@gmail.com

The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers

The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMechE) is the Mechanical Division of The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). The Institution has full standing authority as derived from the Articles of Association of The Nigerian Society of Engineers and is not a parallel body to the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). Established in December 2002.
President: Akinseloyin Michael
Email: nimecheunilag@gmail.com

University of Lagos Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Society

President: Haffner Henry
Email: ulmmesunilag@gmail.com

Nigerian Institute Of Surveying & Geoinformatics(NISGS)

The Department of Surveying and Geoinformatics(formerly known as Department of Surveying), started as a sub-department of Civil Engineering in 1970, as at 1973 it became a full-fledged department. The discipline deals with Acquisition, Analysis, Storage, Distribution, Management and Application of spatial-referenced data. NISGS is a student body dedicated to the production of astute,intelligent and innovative individuals by creating a perfect campus condition and also acting as liaison between students, professionals and the staff of the institution having positive interests of students at heart, including the plights and challenges facing the students in the department.
President: Adedoyin Adebowale
Website: http://www.survgeoinfo.com/

Association of Systems Engineering Students

The Association of Systems Engineering Students(ASES) consists of the entire students of the department of systems engineering. The association is amined at promoting the general welfare and interest of all systems engineering students.
President: Ogundipe Sodiq
Email: ases.unilagengineering@gmail.com
Website: asesunilag.github.io

ULES at a Glance

  • Formed in 1965(oldest student body in the University of lagos)
  • Promoting the welfare and interest of all engineering students since 1965.
  • ULES was founded to add values
  • Students with excellent academic programs
  • Stimulating programs and a supportive environment
  • Motto: self-reliance through indigenous technology
  • Over 3500 members with about 6500 students in the faculty
  • A public yet an excellent institution
  • Students experience success every day
  • Supportive environment to ensure a totally built student