The Vice Chancellor Visits Faculty of Engineering.

On Friday, 06th of April, 2018, the Faculty of Engineering hosted the Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe.

The VC arrived at the Staff School Hall for the visit at 9.30a.m. He was accompanied by other management staff of the university. He was warmly welcomed by principal officers  and lecturers of the faculty as well as the ULES executives and a sizable number of engineering students.

Summary of the meeting

The VC first expressed his gratitude concerning the students endurance during the national strike .

” The second aspect of this meeting is concerning security”, he said. “Very soon all students will get I’d card,  and students should always put on their I’d card , the security can stop you any time on campus.”

“Lastly,about Entrepreneurship, for you to control your destiny you need to be creative.”

He said, “we want to harness your entrepreneurship skills, we want to assist you to make sure your skills are profitable by commercializing them.”

“The  problem is  how do you finance the skill/project , the university is in talk with the central bank and bank of industry.”

The VC also confirmed that UNILAG is the best school in Nigeria. He then expressed his desire to take the school global.

The VC added that the idea is to encourage anyone that can develop something that can be produced or marketed to large scale. The VC assured us that something will be done to assist such individual. Therefore there is need for  students to develop their skills .

Q&A segment

A 400 level systems engineering student suggested that university management should create a platform for learning different programming languages.

Also another Pet and Gas student said on the issue of UNILAG debate that the faculty has not been supportive enough, he included that he has been participating in debate and yet to get a certificate of participation.

He added that the management should look into students paying for transport/logistics on their own while representing the school/faculty in a competition.

Another  400 level chemical engineering student said that most engineering students don’t get space to read at night, no library and even the classrooms are not conducive to read at night.

He added that hostels reading room are not too good as well example of jaja hall.

The VC responded by saying that “we want to produce engineers that would be able to compete globally, therefore all the issues that have been raised would be addressed.”

He added that if the university is aware of any competition they will fund the logistics and henceforth if students are going for any, they should inform their Dean/Hod so the informaton can be passed on to the management.

“The AKT library will be opened 24hrs henceforth while the faculty/dept library will be closed after working hours”. He included that  ladies should be careful of their movement in the night.

The VC called on the ULES president to give vote of thanks. In his statement, the president said that engineering is the best faculty and he assured the management that ULESITES would take good advantage of all the opportunities available.

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